{TSC}The Shadow Clan

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Moderator Guidelines

01. When kicking or banning, you must state a reason. You must warn for using English only before giving a final warning, or ban.

02. Do not un-ban unless you know the reason they were banned.

03. Do not member anybody unless you're authorized.

04. Do not guest members without a valid reason. Please create a screenshot for further investigation.

05. While at Trade, you must moderate to the fullest extent. This includes modding all pools.

06. You must take responsibility for your actions.

07. You must be active. If you are not, please notify another mod or owner and show what status you are if you are away, in your name.

08. It is your duty to enforce rules and mod tabs that have little or no mods.

09. Help users that are in need of help.

10. If other pools are not watched by a moderator, there may only be two moderators per pool allowed. Make sure to fill all pools.


The following information states the ban and kick information regarding rule infractions.

As far as infractions go, a user may be kicked one to two times and then banned if the infractions continue.

This does not apply to mass spammers or flooders.

If the use of more caps is submitted by a user excessively, there should be at least two kicks before a 30 minute gag or ban is given.
There is no such rule as FALSE TRADE!!!  Usrs are entitled to change mind.  You may however ban for disruption of chat.